We design integrated organizational development processes in support of business strategies, such as employee engagement, leadership brand, organizational vision and values, culture alignment, customer orientation, restructuring or process redesign.

This includes

  • Inquiry - inquiry interviews, focus groups, culture mapping, contextual understanding (industry trends and the business strategy)
  • Imagination and Innovation - design of integrated interventions to affect the desired organizational change and leadership behaviours
  • Implementation - anchoring and entrenching of new best organizational, leadership and engagement practices

Fireglow’s great strength is their willingness to understand the context for change and to partner with us to design interventions best able to meet clear outcomes. Their approach is strength based, highly inclusive and outcome oriented. They have come to understand our performance management system and practices well, and ensure their processes align with and support this system, ensuring continuous feedback to stakeholders to enable appropriate responses to emerging organizational needs. Their ability to adapt, customize and integrate the various solutions into our business agenda and the project management and co-ordination capability delivered by Fireglow and its associates is outstanding. It has been, and continues to be, a productive and valued partnership.
Kim Usher, Human Resource Manager, ABI