Between stimulus and response there is moment -a small window of opportunity to become aware of one's feeling and thoughts and to consciously choose one's response.
Steven Covey

There are three requirements needed for bringing out the best in humans individually and collectively: one, a group of people who feel a true obligation to know and understand each other, two, a leader who models this and three, a shared belief that the task is one in which the heart is engaged and one that will have a positive impact on the world.
Warren Bennis

Leadership development programmes

Fireglow’s leadership development is a mixture of group workshops and individual coaching, designed to meet the needs of 3 levels of leadership – teamleader, manager, and senior leadership. The development process focuses on three interdependent areas of growth and maturity:

Self awareness and self mastery – leading self

  • Leaders are able to:
  • Observe their own behaviour
  • Describe their personal leadership style and behaviours
  • Identify their leadership challenges and areas for development
  • Work with their own reactivity
  • Witness their internal ‘operating system’
  • Listen more skillfully to themselves and others
  • Give and receive feedback more openly

Awareness of others and relational skill – leading others

  • Leaders are able to:
  • Acknowledge and include more diversity
  • Observe own level of leadership maturity
  • Acknowledge own contribution to their leadership 
  • Identify personal defenses and ‘shadow’
  • Work more effectively with power and rank
  • Conduct meaningful conversations
  • Adapt their leadership style to the situation

Field awareness – leading in complex systems

  • Leaders are able to:
  • Observe team dynamics and level of team maturity
  • Describe ‘leadership’ requirements in complex systems
  • Build relational networks understanding competition, collaboration and leadership ‘presence’
  • Build and maintain optimal teamwork and performance
  • Manage emotion more effectively
  • Facilitate group and team dialogue more skilfully
  • Listen in to, and sense what is ‘emerging’ in the larger system

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching programmes consist of 12 sessions over 6 – 8 months and are preceded by completion of an Enneagram profile and debrief. The coaching sessions include an intake session, a session setting objectives with line manager input, a session observing the coachee conduct a meeting, a session observing the coachee conduct a one on one and an evaluation session at the end of the programme with the line manager.
Mentoring programmes are focused on addressing the gap between managers’ technical and functional competence and the need to effectively inspire, manage and lead their teams. This hands-on, one to one mentoring process assists up-and-coming managers to identify their management strengths and development areas, and offers experienced background support to work effectively with the real-time challenges of managing and leading others in a demanding and pressured working environment. Each mentoring engagement is 90 minutes every 2 – 3 weeks with telephonic contact as required between meetings.