Fireglow’s Team Development process offers a series of interventions (workshop and team coaching) aimed at enhancing team effectiveness and execution through targeted team and team member development, building positive and productive relational practices in and beyond the team that is both business strategy and customer oriented.

Depending on the level of team, leadership maturity and developmental needs, the intervention/s focus on:

  • Developing team effectiveness - enhancing self/other/team knowledge and awareness, (individual and team enneagram profiles), identifying and working with team strengths and challenges, exploring and developing a shared vision or purpose, clarifying roles and expectations of each other, building positive and productive relationships for mutual accountability, and deepening a sense of belonging and commitment to the team 
 Developing skills for engaging and performance oriented conversations – observing and improving practices for communication, conflict management, giving and receiving feedback, courageous conversation, rules of engagement
  • Developing skills for working with power and influence – becoming aware of the impact of rank and power in and beyond the team dynamic and practices to work productively with power
  • Developing skills for working with stakeholders in the larger system – identifying and influencing stakeholders/customers for the achievement of mutual goals
  • Developing skills for team reflection, peer coaching and ongoing mutual development – collaborative action inquiry and peer coaching, effective team on ones and one on ones, and processes to support and sustain team member and team development.