Resilience and Change Skills workshops

The workshop aimed at all levels, builds participants’ awareness of their own inherent strengths, resourcefulness, sense of purpose and capacity for resilience. The Appreciative Inquiry approach to the learning in this workshop offers a powerful basis for learning based on best past experience of growing through work and life changes and challenges. The underpinning theory is that there are multiple ways in which to view the world and that as such, we have a choice as to how we interpret and respond to the world. Our beliefs and vision for the future determines our action today. The more compelling and positive our beliefs are about ourselves and the future, the more sustained, energized and empowered our actions. Change (and response to change) therefore, begins with ourselves – our beliefs, perceptions, interpretations and reactions to our world.

A range of experiential learning is applied - in-depth paired interviews, group dialogues, imagery, skills practices, and application of tools - with participants practicing and reflecting on their experiences and determining post workshop actions to continue building personal resilience as a critical life skill.

Participants are supported to:

  • Develop self awareness and a sense of self determination
  • Identify personal strengths and assets and internalize the fact that they have unique personal value
  • Demonstrate a more positive attitude towards self, others, work and life in general
  • Identify their personal mission and purpose and align this with their work and life
  • Understand how they do and can, cope with and recover well from set-backs and disappointments
  • Enhance their ability to build positive, productive relationships
  • Explore how they can give and get meaningful support
  • See everyday as an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive

Leading Change

This 2 day workshop is aimed at senior and middle levels of leadership. As the economic and business world grows increasingly uncertain and unpredictable, leaders in organisations are expected to lead and facilitate change within the organisation so ensure its success and sustainability. Often the lack of skill around ‘managing’ the changes, leads to confusion, change fatigue and system breakdown. Understanding human social systems as complex systems, with particular dynamics and patterning, and applying a balance between taking a system to the ‘edge of chaos’ to effect change, and stabilising a system to entrench change, is critical leadership skill in the world today. This workshop offers some of this understanding as well as practical skills and interventions to lead and facilitate change at an organisational, departmental, team and individual level.

Leaders learn to:

  • view organisations as complex adaptive systems, and the principles that underpin change processes in complex human social systems
  • practice awareness and observation skills in order to expand understanding of the dynamics and patterns in the system
  • identify the most powerful and impactful levers for change and determine interventions to initiate and support change, or consciously redirect change
  • understand the power of inquiry, in particular appreciative inquiry, as a transformative tool
  • develop a personal capacity to hold steady and be quietly confident in times of uncertainty and change
  • understand the ‘grieving cycle’ that often accompanies change and how best to lead and support people through the losses and emotions that go with the change process
  • apply the above in a real time or case study

The partnership between our model for organizational and individual resilience and the philosophy and practice of Appreciative Inquiry has been powerful for several reasons. The underpinning principles and methods of change facilitation promote openness, curiosity, a belief in possibility, positive images of the future, an appreciation for what is valuable in our lives and a sense of belonging to an organizational community. All of these are cornerstones to our personal and collective capacity to respond positively to change.
Vanessa Gardner, OD Consultant, SAB Manufacturing