Leadership and organizations are effective only to the extent of their capacity to be reflective – that is, to be aware and responsive, not only in relation to others and to factors influencing the field, but primarily to their own patterning and way of being. The metaskill of presence is the key enabler of leadership, team, and organizational development - and lies at the heart of Fireglow’s work.

Whilst we draw on a number of large group, team and individual assessment and transformation methodologies, our fundamental practice is to draw attention to one’s interior world (subjective inquiry), to what is being experienced in relation to other/s (intersubjective inquiry) and to what is observable in the field (objective inquiry) using the fullest intelligence of the heart-body-mind.

In this sense appreciative listening, inquiry and advocacy, apprehends what is happening as it is happening and because of its responsive and integral nature, brings about learning, growth and change at leadership, team and organizational levels of scale.

Exploring leadership and organization through a complexity lens, and using aspects of a Theory U and Appreciative Inquiry framework to guide the inquiry and dialogue process, we engage people in discovering, dreaming, designing and delivering.

We involve people in the systematic discovery of what gives a system ‘life’, when it is most effective and capable in economic, ecological, and human terms. We draw attention to the interactive ‘patterning’ that either enables or disables productive work.

We help people sense future possibility, building on strengths and working with what is emerging to co-create new ways of organizing and operating.

The inclusive and integrated nature of our transformative change and development processes activate collective energy and intelligence which is leveraged for fast, effective results through group re/design and implementation of supporting strategies, structures, systems and practices.