Fireglow is based in Cape Town with associate consultants and facilitators in Johannesburg. The organisation has been in operation for 16 years. Fireglow has an extensive network of partners and associates and has managed and delivered on several nation-wide projects expanding the field of consultants and facilitators according to the skill and resource requirements. Profiles for our core team are listed below.

  • Bridget Woods

    Bridget Woods

    Bridget Wood from Fireglow Appreciative Inquiry

    (BA University of Natal, Post Grad Adult Learning UCT, MSc in Leading and Facilitating Transformative Change Middlesex University) has over twenty years experience in the field of change management and facilitation with a special focus on building appreciative and engaging work communities and leaders.

    She has been involved in many large scale change interventions and leadership development programmes in large and SME organizations both locally and abroad.

    She teaches and practices Appreciative and Action Inquiry in combination with other leading edge methodologies such as Theory U, Future Search and Open Space.

    She designs and manages integrated whole system interventions that include workshops, summits, coaching and supporting management systems.

    She has partnered SAB/ABI in their organizational, leadership and team development efforts for the past 14 years, as well as schools, non-profits and other corporates.

    Bridget has a keen interest in environmental sustainability.

  • Dave Woods

    Dave Woods

    Dave Wood from Fireglow Appreciative Inquiry

    (MBA UCT Graduate School of Business, BA University of Natal, Post Grad Diploma in Human Resource Management University of Cape Town,) has over thirty years experience of business and commerce within the corporate, multi-national and consulting environments – both in South Africa and overseas in Europe and Asia.

    He has a wealth of understanding and experience in the Organisational Development, HR and IR disciplines.

    His focus during the past twenty - five years has been on leadership development, coaching and mentoring, stakeholder relationship building and change processes in support of the implementation of world class best practices. Over the years, he has worked in many industries and is well able to integrate and customise key learning with specific client needs.

    As a result, Dave presents workshops for various business school executive development programmes (UCT GSB and LDI) and lectures on management development programmes for clients in Thailand and China.

    He has also launched on-line training and development programmes on optimizing people performance within teams on the Udemy platform.

  • Liz Witherspoon

    Liz Witherspoon

    Liz Witherspoon from Fireglow Appreciative Inquiry

    Liz is a life, team and workplace coach who enjoys working with people at all levels in an organisation. She is certified with Results Coaching Systems (accredited with the International Coaching Federation). She enjoys building rapport and trust in the coaching relationship and creating a space where clients feel comfortable to explore solutions and creative ways to overcome obstacles, move forward and achieve their goals

    Liz has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and English with a Higher Diploma in Education, and has been involved in personal development for 15 years in the education, health and business sectors. Her experience in the corporate sector includes individual and team coaching, facilitation of various workshops including Engaging Leadership and Team Goal Setting sessions. Liz is trained in the Enneagram and uses the Enneagram Personality Profile as one of many tools to create awareness, support leadership and performance development , and to enhance team dynamics and team performance. She is currently studying a Post-Graduate Certificate Course in Mindfulness-Based Interventions through Stellenbosch University and IMISA

  • Johann Verster

    Johann Verster

    Johann Verster from Fireglow Appreciative Inquiry

    Johann is an experienced psychotherapist with a strong background in the development of awareness, emotional maturity and interpersonal relationship. He assists people in understanding the richness of their interior lives and the direct relationship which this has with their experience of success, contentment and personal meaning.

    Johann is a registered user of the Integrative Enneagram personal and group assessment tool. He has years of experience in the interpretation of the enneagram and the practices that are particular to the growth pattern of each style.

    Within the corporate environment he uses this framework to help people understand their potential for effective leadership through self awareness and self management, as well as through the development of positive and productive relationships. Johann assists Fireglow in client personality and team profiling and acts as supervisor to Fireglow coaches.

  • Alexandra Blackie

    Alexandra Blackie

    Alexandra Blackie from Fireglow Appreciative Inquiry

    Alex’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Rhodes University); Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA, UCT) and a Diploma in Professional Coaching (DIPC; The Coaching Centre; CT) Alex’s experience as a pharmacist and MBA studies led her into the field of people and change management.

    This was followed by time as a brand strategist and brand engagement specialist which precipitated her passion for the field of personal mastery and her qualification in coaching. She works with the Enneagram as a profiling and developmental tool.

    The diversity of her own career path gives Alex a depth of experience. She offers one-on-one coaching which supports clients towards personal goals, she also designs and facilitates team processes when the outcome required is systemic change. Her strategic approach is very pragmatic and engaging.

    Her intention is to inspire and support the process of learning and change in a way that is compelling and sustainable. Imparting to clients new skills and capacity, which make them capable of managing their own learning and change.

  • Julia Bonadei-Thorns

    Julia Bonadei-Thorns

    Julia Bonadei-Thorns from Fireglow Appreciative Inquiry

    (NHD in Human Resources Management – Cum Laude; Professional Coaching Course - NVW-USA; Grad Dip of Ontological Coaching – Newfield Institute, Aus)

    Julia is professionally qualified as an Ontological Coach and Integral Coach®, holds the PCC credential through the ICF and is a Practitioner Member of COMENSA. Julia partners with her clients to enable them to make positive and sustainable changes.

    Coaching to their unique ‘Way of Being’, she is able to catalyze her clients’ understanding and potential to shift what may often be deeply-held beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that form the underlying motivator of behaviour and communication.

    In her coaching, workshop design and facilitation, she utilizes the Enneagram and focuses largely on the communication processes, moods and emotions, and non-verbal physiological aspects required by leaders to build and sustain high performance, collaboration and co-operative action in their teams and group cultures.

    Her clients report an ability to apply their learning to all domains of their lives, leading to more meaning and fulfillment both professionally and personally.

    Julia began her career as an HR generalist and headed up a family-owned commercial property business for 14 years. As a result of her work and life experience, Julia has a well-rounded insight and understanding of the complexities and challenges facing leaders in their professional and personal lives in a world that is ever-changing and complex.

  • Julie Elliott

    Julie Elliott

    Julie from Fireglow Appreciative Inquiry

    JJulie (Bachelor of Science degree, University of Natal) is a life, team and workplace coach who has been involved in personal development for the past 13 years. She is certified with Results Coaching Systems (accredited with the International Coaching Federation) and has also successfully completed the ITC through The Coaching Centre, CT. Julie uses a holistic approach with her coaching clients and provides a safe space for them to stand back, observe their behaviour and to see the areas in their lives that need attention. As a thinking partner for her clients they are able to connect to their innate wisdom which in turn motivates them to courageously deal with any changes they would like to make.

    Julie is currently studying a Post-Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Interventions through Stellenbosch University and IMISA. Mindfulness forms the foundation of her work as she believes that only once one has quietened the noise in their heads and listened to the messages their bodies send are they able to gain clarity, wisdom and self-compassion, all of which provide a solid support in their personal development plan. Being a registered user of the Integrative Enneagram personal and group assessment tool she uses this as a map for supporting her clients to plot their journey forward.