Vision and Values development (Tiger Brands, Snacks and Treats, 2008-2009)

An appreciative inquiry over 18 months across the Snacks Treats and Beverages division to determine and engage all employees in the vision and a set of shared values with ongoing processes to anchor the values in everyday working practices.

Fireglow’s approach to change, based on Appreciative Inquiry and other leading edge approaches to change facilitation, ensured high levels of inclusivity, creativity and positive energy. The process strengthened our working communities, enabling productive relationships, unblocking past baggage and freeing up people to really be inspired to push their professional and personal boundaries. However, above all, Fireglow achieved the empowerment of our middle management team such that they are comfortable to continue to run the values program (Values Dialogues) without the daily guidance of consultants. Fireglow ensured the values were included in the performance management forums and system, the daily Invocom meetings, and in the yearly 360° Leadership Assessments.
Gill du Plessis, Managing Executive, Snacks and Treats, Tiger Brands